Mach Five has consistently made a name as the duo pushing boundaries in Hip-Hop. Famed designer/videographer, Chilly-O, and Corey Davis team up to create a psychedelic-themed music video for the Gothic stoner-hop anthem, “Coca Leaf”. Paraded with neon lights, hot blondes and rappers all beneath the hazy glow of a smoke filled room which fits the drum-heavy melody, laden with drug references, perfectly. More like a scene from an LSD trip than a rap video, the duo keeps exposing new elements to their brand of hip-hop. This fact is even clearer with their newest LP, Best Friends, which is a musical tour de force of the lows and highs of the young, ambitious, and ruthless. Mach Five has seamlessly turned every parent’s worst nightmare into young America’s wet dream. Sit tight and enjoy. [Produced by Asston Kusher]

DOWNLOAD: Mach Five – Coca Leaf