Hip Hop & Love Tour Final Update Part 1

We’re finally done with the vast midwestern part of our trip been throught the west and are HOME! The trip was a long entaxing endevour that we all came out of with a new perspective and appreciation for the small things. Here is a small glimpe into the action of the last leg of the journey. Stay tuned for more webisodes!

Hip Hop & Love Tour: Week 6

We’re still storming across the midwest leaving weed clouds, good meals, great stories and smashed venues in our wake. This is a recap from Detroit to Duluth, via Chicago, Columbus, Bloomington, and Madison.

Photos By Evan Brockett




Hip Hop & Love Tour: Week 3 1/2 Recap

Welcome to another quick recap of the Hip Hop & Love Tour. Tonight, Virginia Beach welcomes us to perform at The Jewish Mother. Last night we wrecked Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC here are some photos of the day…

Photos by Evan Brockett McKenzie Eddy & Murs 10:48am: Chapel Hill, NC Continue reading

Hip Hop & Love Tour: Week 2 Recap

We’re out here knocking dates down. Today we made it back to the East Coast about 1/6th of the way through the tour for a day off in Winston- Salem, NC. Here is a photo walk through the 2nd week of the Hip Hop & Love tour

Photos By Evan Brockett Da$h & Sean O’Connell 8:55pm: The Parish Room, New Orleans, LA

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