America Nu: Tillman Blu Young Platinum Release Party

Last Wednesday GLC, STS, Murs Ski Beatz and The Senseis all came¬†through¬†to Tillmans to show support for McKenzie Eddy’s Young Platinum Release party. Their presence went a long way in making this party a smash.

Photos By Evan Brockett and Jessica Coletti

McKenzie Eddy 11:36pm

Damon Dash, 12:36am

KatCHR & McKenzie Eddy, 11:28pm

STS, 11:13pm

Harold O’ Neal, 11:47pm

Fans, 12:03am

Murs, GLC 12:15pm

GLC, 1:12pm

STS, 11:15

Murs, Raquel, McKenzie, 1:23

Murs, 1:10

Murs, 1:06

Da$h 11:09pm

Sean O’ Connell, 12:21am

Da$h, 12:52am

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