Disco Blu

Camp Bisco is a overwhelmingly intense experience especially when you don’t know what to expect. This event is a 3 day music festival in upstate New York where everyone stays on the grounds and camps out. It’s pretty amazing to witness the controlled chaos that is this festival. 30,000 people descended on Mariaville, NY too witness act such as Wiz Khalifa, Skrillex, Easy Star All Stars and the cast of characters that makes up Bluroc.  Here are a few select photos from myself and Raquel M. Horn documenting the day we spent as Bisco. It was a pretty memorable one.


Damon Dash, 1:59pm


Ski Beatz, 3:22pm


McKenzie Eddy, 3:01pm


DD172 Family, 2:50pm


DJ Boogz, 4:53pm


Marc Brownstein, 4:42pm


Da$h, 1:50pm


Kat CHR, 1:05pm


Kat CHR + McKenzie Eddy, 12:15pm


McKenzie Eddy, Ben Fagan, Kat CHR, 1:30pm


Camp Bisco, 5:55pm


Locksmith, 3:47pm


Raquel M. Horn, 2:10pm


GLC, 5:21pm









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