Chipz Cookies on Sale at Roseland Ballroom for Broadway Boxing!

 Luke holding up Chipz in front of the Ring at Roseland Ballroom
Luke Pascal Enjoying the fight at Roseland Ballroom
Luke is very proud of his creation Chipz
Luke Holding up Chipz Cookies in front of the Ring
This guy finished that box in about three minutes.. he said he had to take a picture with the empty box!
Boogie Dash, Very proud of his creation Chipz Cookies
Boogie enjoying the fight at Roseland Ballroom
Isaac Chilemba, the current holder of the full IBO Belt at super middleweight and the WBC International Tightle at light heavyweight enjoying a Chipz Cookie
Luke Selling Chipz Cookies
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Chipz Cookies

Luke Pascal

Examiner.Com Covers Chipz Cookies Co-Founders Luke Pascal and Boogie Dash

IMG_0089 interviewed DJ’s Luke Pascal and Boogie Dash about there cookie company Chipz Cookies!

It’s not often in my search for all things chocolate that I look to the world of hip-hop. Okay, truthfully, I have never looked to the world of hip-hop for chocolate – but that was before I was introduced to Chipz Cookies! Luke Pascal, the son of restaurant businessman, Vincent Pascal, and his high school friend, Damon “Boogie” Dash, son of hip-hop mogul, Damon Dash, have teamed up to make the world a little sweeter…and it all started with music.

Luke and Boogie are barely in their 20’s but they already own a record label and have a successful start in the music production business. These young men started out with big music dreams, but they also had the foresight to realize they might need a little something extra to fund those dreams. Enter the cookie…….

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Chipz Cookies

Luke Pascal