THE GIVE NO F&#KS PARTY— Not Your Average Intern Labor

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How does Damon Dash break in his unpaid interns?  By forcing them to go head-to-head to see who can put on the best concert.  The talent at DD172 ( forces with LadyGunn magazine ( to present THE GIVE NO FUCKS PARTY— Experience an artisinal blend of live acts, DJ sets, and drinks at THE FLAT BK off the Hewes ave J stop. Come see the live music of TARYN MANNING (of “Orange is the New Black” fame), THE PLUTO MOONS, and GEOFF LYNN, and stay for the dirty beats of CAKES DA KILLA and ELI MAKES BEATS.  9:00 till infinity.  $3.

HAROLD O’NEAL – Man on the Street Release Party



Come celebrate with the BluRoc/Poppington crew this Saturday at Ginny’s Supper Club for the release of jazz pianist Harold O’Neal’s latest album, Man on the Street.  Harold’s astounding piano skills will be accompanied by Kimberly Thompson on the drums, Ben Williams on the Bass, and special guest Jaleel Shaw on the sax.  A limited edition of hand-silkscreened posters will be on sale!  310 Lennox Ave at 8:30 PM, tickets $10.

Buy Man on the Street on Amazon and iTunes today: