McKenzie Eddy and Cranford feat. Kat C.H.R. and Sean O’Connell

Click Here to Download Southern Stomp EP

Enjoy this genre defying EP, written by McKenzie Eddy, Cranford, Kat CHR, and Sean O’Connell…

Before embarking on the Southern Stomp Tour, which spanned the south from Charleston, SC to Austin, TX, this crew got together, wrote and recorded these 5 songs.

Angie Aparo even showed up for a few of the sessions, co-writing the heartfelt “Comin’ Around.”

Check out a snippet of the action from the road as DD172 South and Bluroc South present: Southern Stomp.

DD172 & Bluroc South present: “Southern Stomp EP” – McKenzie Eddy and Cranford feat. Kat CHR and Sean O’Connell from DD172 on Vimeo.

Photos by Raquel M. Horn

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