Hip Hop & Love Tour Rehearsal

Welcome to a photographic walk through Camp BluRoc on any given work day. This day Murs, Tabi, GLC Sean O’ Connell, McKenzie Eddy, Damon Dash, Ski Beatz and The Senseis showed up to Camp with music on their mind. The BluRoc Team is currently prepping for the Hip Hop And Love Tour Featuring Murs (http://www.hiphopandlovetour.com) The tour is sponsored by Adidas and begins on September 27th in Tempe, Arizona. If I were you, I’d check when we’ll be in a city by you and go buy tickest asap! Enjoy the photos.

Photos By Evan Brockett Sean O’ Connell & GLC 3:52pm

 Damon Dash 8:45pm

 Murs 10:32am

Da$h 5:55pm

Murs 4:46pm

Ski Beatz 2:03pm

4:22pmBasement Studio 6:25pm

McKenzie & GLC 5:55pm

 Tabi Bonney, Harold O’ Neal, Sean O’ Connell, Dash, Brady Watt 11:30pm

 GLC 9:30pm

 Tabi Bonney 9:45pm


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