We are proud to present the first official leak from the forthcoming Mach Five album, Best Friends. The song is entitled “Fake Friends” where the duo(A.ware and Corey Davis) takes us to a dark place where we seldom wish to venture, the touchy subject of frienemies(friends/enemies). Please lend us your attention for a brief preview of whats to come with Mach Five’s Best Friends! Available for free download September 28, 2011 [prod. Asston Kusher]

DOWNLOAD: Mach Five – “Fake Friends” [Bandcamp | Soundcloud]

America Nu: Tillman’s Blu Featuring Ski Beatz & The Senseis With Da$h, Rugz D Bewler, Mckenzie Eddy & KatCHR

Last night at Tillman’s was on of the best yet. Ski Beatz and The Senseis crushed another one of their jam sessions. The was a great crowd and great acts. KatCHR, Da$h, Rugz D. Bewler, McKenzie Eddy, were all around to add lyrics to the “Musical Sauce” made by Ski Beatz and The Senseis.

McKenzie Eddy 11:46pm

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