America NU: Tillman Blu

Last Wednesday, in yet another wild Tillman Blu event, Tabi Bonney rocked the mic along with some help from Ski Beatz and The Senseis and a guest appearance by saxophonist Chelsea Braratz. Damon Dash, Locksmith, McKenzie Eddy, and several others were in attendance. When the show began at 11:30pm the house was jam packed and filled with several loyal members of Tabi’s D.C. fan base represented. In addition to performing some of his classic hits, Tabi thrilled the crowd with some of the tracks yet to be released from his upcoming debut album with Bluroc entitled The Summer Years. Tabi’s hop step was in full effect and he had the whole crowd bumpin–hands up in the air. If you missed it be sure to check out next week’s performance with Ski Beatz and other great guests!

Words by Young Legal



Tabi Bonney, 11:31pm

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America NU: Jessica Chastain in Vogue

Jessica Chastain was recently mentioned in Vogue as the “It Girl.” They called 2011 the “Unequivocal year of Jessica Chasatin.” She plays a leading role in Terrence Malick’s latest film “The Tree of Life” alongside actors Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. Luckily before her spaceship took off I got the opportunity to do an impromptu shoot with her. In these photos she’s wearing a vintage jacket straight off the racks of our vintage store, Local 172. Jessica is about to take all of your budgeted movie ticket money. Prepare yourself.

4:07pm DD172


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The Heirs’ Very Own D A (dolla Sign) H Brings us His 5th Project “ChRon Burgundy” Featuring Boldy James, Marz Lovejoy, RetcH & Roy FrencH w/ Productions from Ski Beatz, Dash, Matt Cody, Sean O’Connell and More.