McKenzie Eddy releases her first mixtape project “A Prelude to my Next Excursion” featuring artists such as Curren$y, Nicole Wray, Wiz Khalifa, Sean O’Connell, SkiBeatz and much more.  More info after the jump.  >>DOWNLOAD FREE HERE<<

1.     Intro
2.     Silence Feat. Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa (Produced by Ski Beatz)
3.     Retrograde (Produced by Marc Brownstein)
4.     Glasshouse feat. Da$h (Produced by Ski Beatz)
5.     Bangers and Cash (Produced by Voodoo Farm)
6.     Secret Side feat. Stalley (Produced by Sean O’Connell)
7.     Minions (Produced by Voodoo Farm)
8.     Rice Crispy Treats Heat Wave ( Produced by Chuck Inglish)
9.     Homegrown feat. Eric Church and Curren$y
10.  Instrument for Your Mental (Produced by Brooklyn Dawn)
11.   Love Plus One (Produced by Voodoo Farm)
12.   Whiskey Sisters featuring Nicole Wray (Produced by Sean O’Connell)
13.   Hollow Hills (Produced by Voodoo Farm)
14.   Let Me Let You Go (Produced by Sean O’Connell)
15.   Equalibrium (Produced by McKenzie Eddy)
16.   Sideways Cover (Produced by Voodoo Farm)
17.   Broke My Leg (Produced by Om’Mas Keith)

After a few years spent honing her craft in NYC, aiding in the start up and success of the multimedia collective DD172, and collaborating musically and on the business front with artists that span from the Black Keys, to Curren$y, to The Disco Biscuits, McKenzie Eddy is about to drop a plethora of music, in a variety of genres.

Today, she released the first single and video off of her upcoming solo project produced by Marc Brownstein of the Disco Biscuits, called “Retrograde.”
Video Here:

Directly following the video release, she will drop her mixtape, “A Prelude to My Next Excursion,” which features Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, Nicole Wray, Eric Church, Stalley, Da$h, and records produced by Ski Beatz, Chuck English, Sean O’Connell, Brooklyn Dawn, as well as songs she has written and produced herself.

In early March she is co-starring with Curren$y in the Muscle Car Chronicles, a musical short film and album inspired and produced by Sean O’Connell, Executive produced by Damon Dash, directed by Coodie and Chike of Creative Control, being distributed through Def Jam.

Later that month, she will be featured on Sean O’Connell’s solo Album “Free at First Light,” a duet alternative/folk album produced and written by O’Connell. In April, she will release her debut solo album produced by Marc Brownstein of the Disco Biscuits.  Later this year, McKenzie will release projects with Ski Beatz, and the producers Truth and Soul.

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