It’s always interesting to see someone in a different light. That was definitely the case on Tuesday evening at DJ Edan’s show at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. Edan is often found wafting through the hallways of DD172 like a ghost, unassuming and quiet, silently sitting in a corner furiously writing in his notebook.  But at the Knitting Factory, where he held a screening of his film, ‘Echo Party’ and performance with fellow DJ/MC Paten Locke, it was like he has morphed into another being altogether…..(continued after the jump)

Though the DD172 crew, including Dame, McKenzie Eddy, and DJ Wordy were only able to see a brief portion of the show, it was enough to comprehend the magnetic energy that Edan possesses in front of a crowd on stage.  In his finale set, Edan did it accapella, spitting a, what seemed like, infinite rhyming masterpiece without missing a beat or taking a breath.  He brings a level of intellectualism to his lyricism and it shows with his fan base, many of who remained after the show ended in small clusters to discuss the performance.

After the show, Edan and DJ Wordy, who is on his way back to Beijing after a three-week status in NYC and at the Dojo, were able to meet and talk briefly. This worldwide interconnectedness of artists is part of the philosophy and the privilege that Damon and DD172 continually seek out and strive for in their quest to bridge the best of the best.

Edan’s DVD for ‘Echo Party’ will be available in November. CDs and Vinyl copies of the music from ‘Echo Party’ are available now at


  1. there is so much creativity flowing through dd172. its amazing to have artists that collectively bring so much to the table. they artists are so diverse which allows for a lot more artistic expression to occur. this is the art of collaboration and the results are dd172.

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