One thought on “ROSS

  1. I am Qiana Chance..(real name)I am the best female mc in the world and I want in!!! (BLUROC RECORDS) Today is July 7,2010.. Stating the date so that we all remember when I made this statement. I don’t have a cool pitch…I’m just a creative soul who been pushing out of the trunk for many years..and I’m so tired of being rejected ..I figured FUCK IT! why not give u guys a here I am.. if ur bold enough to take a chance with me.. I’m bold enough to keep pushing the envelope until some one listens..I own my indie label and I understand what it takes to brand..but I need to be under the umbrella..I’m gonna be heard, I’m not gonna be stopped, I am different..I just need a chance. thank u GOD BLESS ALL THE UNAFRAID CREATORS OF THE WORLD. google Chanzizr

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